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Evie May

Naomi Livingston and Hugo Chiarella's new musical "Evie May" now has it's cast recording available for purchase!

Everyday Essays by a Performer.

Naomi has written articles for

She has written five "everyday essays". They explore the nature of life as a performer, as a creative and as a parent.

You can find them here.

E1. Between Dreams and Reality.

E2. The Courage of Creativity.

E3. Someone Else's Story.

E4. The Mother Flippin' Life.

E5. Extraordinary Inspiration. Ordinary Sweat.

Love Synergy. Sunday Life Magazine Feature.

Sunday Life Magazine Feature by Zohra Aly.

You can read more about Naomi and her husband Drew here.

Music Review: As You Like It. Sport for Jove.

"...Another laudable aspect of this production is the music, musicians and singers: Dom Mercer; Pip Dracakis; Jess Clay; Sally Andrews; Drew and Naomi Livingston. The last proved an extraordinary vocalist and the rest expert and enthusiastic instrumentalists. The Livingstons also assume credit for the very impressive, engaging score and musical direction, confirming artistic director Damien Ryan’s decisions to stage a full-blown wrestling scene, as well as incorporate and feature musical interludes are bold, successful ones. Choreography (and movement overall) was incredibly fluid and precise, with Schebesta, Winestock and (N.) Livingston collaborating to effect the dance..."

Lloyd Bradford Syke. Crikey.

The Libertine. The Darlinghurst Theatre.

"...The other female cast members - Susan Prior, Alice Livingstone and Naomi Livingston - also shine in their roles.

Prior, Livingstone, Livingston and King light up The Libertine... Livingston imbues her role as Jane, the Earl and the King's favourite whore, with a deceptive insouciance. A member of the underclass, she bears a nobility they will never attain..."

Lenny Ann Low. Sydney Morning Herald.

John and Jen. Sydney Fringe Festival.

"...incredible performances from Naomi Livingston and Edward Grey. Livingston and Grey are absolutely perfect in their roles, capturing every nuance, creating rich, textured performances. They work very well together – their relationships as brother and sister and mother and son are completely believable. They both have great voices, tackling all the challenges in Lippa’s score, which is brought to life by a wonderful three-piece band under the direction of Isaac Hayward. Their performances are so immediate and real, it’s difficult not to be moved..."

Benjamin Neutze.