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Mad About It: January Creative Daily Prompt Thingy.

I've always been up for a bit of madness. It usually happens by accident. Whether it be the one woman show that accidentally became a full blown musical, to the 8 minute cabaret set that became a full blown one woman show, to the handful of songs that became a debut album, to the short story that is now becoming a novel. Utter madness in my mind. That's not to say I'm mad about it. I'm not mad about it. In fact I would say I'm pretty darn pleased with it. But what I've indeed learnt from these happy accidents is that "from little things big things grow" (thanks Paul Kelly).

A Daily Practice of some kind. Any kind. But be kind.

I've always found developing a daily practice difficult. Whether it was that time I aimed to be up 30 minutes before the kids every day, forgetting that my youngest is usually up by 6am and 530am is a cruel mistress. Or that time I was going to put lemon in my water before I went to the coffee machine. Well, we all know how that went.

So maybe your daily practice shifts. Maybe for one month you go hard at that yoga headstand. Or maybe one week alone you manage to get in self care bubble bath you've always promised your lower back (ps, your lower back WILL thank you).

Maybe practicing at practicing a practice is the key? Genuine question. I don't know.

But something I do know is that when I am practicing a practice my instant thought after the fact is, "why on earth don't I do this all the time?!?".

So I continually aim to practice something, at some time, for some of the time. It's good for me creatively, mentally and insists that I am kind to myself through it all.

A Little Practice from Little Words.

So, here's a little practice from me at Little Words Blog if you wished to join! A January Creative Daily Prompt Thingy. Yes, thingy. There are no rules on how you wish to express yourself, be it in art, in music, in words. Take the daily prompt however you wish, I will share some prompts as pictures, some as springboard sentences and some as pieces of music.

I will be sharing each prompt via my Instagram stories at @naomimelindawriter. You can find me and the Thingy there! We will begin on Jan 1st, 2021.

The aim is to jump into the madness, practice a practice, and be kind to ourselves and others through it. And hopefully come out the other end saying, "why on earth don't I do this all the time?!?". From little things, big things grow.

Here's to art in 2021. We need it. And we are not mad about it.

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